Frequently Asked Questions

  • To get married you need a Marriage Licence. This must completed before the big day. The licence provides the authority for the celebrant to marry you at the place of your wedding.
  • You need to complete the “Notice of Intended Marriage” form, (for most of you, it will be document “BDM60”) which is available online through the Internal Affairs website. Click Here
  • The marriage licence has a separate cost and is your responsibility to complete. The licence costs $122.60. You will need to go in person to your local Births Deaths and Marriages Office, or Courthouse, to swear a statutory declaration.This form is the legal requirement that  enables you to get married. You sign the form, and pay the fee.
  • The application takes application takes three working days, and is valid for three months – It’s a good idea to not leave it until the last minute!
  • After this time you will collect your licence, together with two copies of your Particulars of Marriage. It is the Particulars of Marriage that you sign on your wedding day.
There is only one legal statement that you must say during your marriage ceremony.
  • Each of you must say “I [full name] take you [full name] to be my legal husband/wife” – or words similar to that.
  • You need two witnesses (they can be anyone, including children), providing they understand what the ceremony is about and what their role as a witness means.
  • During the ceremony, the two of you, your two witnesses and the celebrant , must all sign the Particulars of Marriage.
  • After your ceremony you keep one copy of the signed document and your celebrant will send the other copy to the office of Births Deaths and Marriages (BDM) to register your marriage.

If you want a copy of your legal marriage certificate you need to apply either on line or by completing the application on the back of the Particulars of marriage document.

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The license costs $26.50